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Designing a logo

After my first game release, now I’m ready to take what I’ve learned about the process to better prepare marketing information for the next one. Included in this, is a new logo that I’ll use for both the next game, and for the Quip games as a whole. The deliberate process to come up with […]

Survey of game movement control options

Note: This survey is not comprehensive yet. I may expand on it later as needed for my own game development. It’s current state is sufficient to lead me to a solution for my current needs. As I have been working on my next game, the issue of controls has been of great concern. Usability is […]

Some thoughts on hard science fiction in space

I’m going to use this game as a way to discuss some of my thinkings regarding “hard science fiction” in space games. Starfighter, Inc. Kickstarter First of all, I expect this will be a great game, and I’m looking forward to playing it. So for all I say here, it is not a criticism of […]

Indie Games are the Particle Swarm Optimization

I just read this wonderful article: Brain Wave: The PhDs Changing Games and had to write a post about it. First of all, it’s reassuring to hear that others are scrutinizing things at the same level of detail as I do. Second, for the shock to keep you reading, this article is completely incorrectly titled. It should […]

Why I ended up on Unity after all

So, I have this blog post saying I decided on Unreal Engine. Now I get to say I ended up going with Unity after all. Here are some of the reasons: First, from my limited exposure to Unreal, I found the code-compile-test cycle to be frustratingly slow. Because of the nature of the game I’m building, there […]

Choosing a Game Engine

Last year, I posted in this blog last year that we would be building our game from scratch without using a game engine. For the situation I was in, it made sense. But sometimes life happens, and priorities change, and so part of the decision to refocus to Limbo also included the decision to use an existing […]

Refocusing from Nebula to Limbo

The path to Quip Nebula was already long and curious. I was excited about the background, the setting, the story and the characters. However, I realized that I needed to take another look at my overall approach. As in all human endeavors, when developing a game, focus is critical for success. I needed to add another step […]

Quip Nebula: Temporal Setting

The game is set around 550 million years from the beginning of the universe in a time cosmologists call the star formation epoch. At this unique period in cosmological history, stars in existence are not those middle sized stars like our sun. Most stars grow up into super giants with lifespans of only millions of […]

Physics and Control: Rotation

Early on while working on this game (and the general platform concept) I had figured out a detailed set of keyboard shortcuts for camera management. It took about 30 seconds after implementing some of it to realize that for what I was trying to do, manual camera management had to go. I had to come […]

Physics and Control: Position

One of the fun math challenges we have run into during development is for controlling items in space. I wanted all the items to use real physics modeling to move from place to place. Physical simulation is pretty standard, but control systems are more complex as they don’t just simulate, they have to generate/calculate a […]