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Experimental Keyboard Control Design

We are experimenting with a lot of gaming concepts in Quip nebula and one of these concepts is how we deal with keyboard controls. The reason why we are exploring new keyboard controls is to provide solutions to the following problems experienced by gamers using typical shortcut controls. . . Gameplay can be interrupted when […]

Life is Better in Game Development

This post is in response to the question: “Has developing video games made your life better?” I’ve been programming since I was too young to remember how old I was. I’ve been doing it professionally for a long time as well. A lot of that professional development has been in “corporate” settings including all the silly buzz words like […]

Naming of the Game

Coming up with a name for Quip Nebula was a fun challenge. The word Quip is a secret acronym that may be revealed at some distant future date. It’s the word intended to string a line of games together. So, you’ll be seeing lots of quipage for some time. So we needed a specific name for this game. […]

Quip Nebula: Setting

Working on the story for Quip Nebula has been a great challenge because of the setting I have set up for it. Again, taking the long view, I have long term reasons for the setting, universe, mechanics, and premise. Those came first to support what will come later. In the primordial universe there were entities called Quips. They […]

Why we’re not using an existing engine

There are a lot of great game engines out there. I decided not to use them for a number of reasons. Quip Nebula is just a beginning for us. It represents the first entry in an ambitious goal not only of a line of games spanning millions of years across the universe but also a vision of a […]

Our approach to writing

Many games have linear stories. You go from one person/place to the next and if you’re not there, nothing is happening. Kind of like the Truman Show. I’ve decided to take a different approach. We’ll be writing individual behaviors and stories for the characters in the game. So, while you’re traveling to visit QuipX, QuipY (and any number of others) might […]

Quip Nebula Genesis

A lot of software developers dream of writing their own computer game. My brother and I started working on one in high school. “Black Sabre” I think we were going to call it, or something like that. We got the map box scrolling as the guy player moved around, but that’s about as far as it went. Fast […]

Another way to scale computing

I was pondering upon the future of scaling computation since we’re pretty much out of hertz now… okay, I was reading this paper: http://research.cs.wisc.edu/multifacet/papers/tr2011-1coherencestays.pdf . Great to hear about cache coherency’s bright future but… what about when you need to move a lot of data around? Caches don’t help so much then. And so I thought […]

Notes on a Light Table Post

It appears Chris Granger has discovered the beauties of Reactive Programming in his latest post: The IDE as a Value though he doesn’t call it that. It’s cool that he recognizes that an entire application can be considered a single composite time varying value. That’s what Reactive Programming is all about. I’m still thinking we need to […]

Toggle values with minimal screen estate

There are toggle controls, but they seem to me either to: be only useful for on/off, true/false, yes/no values (toggle icon, checkbox, switch, etc.) take up too much room (radio buttons) I wanted something smaller. The solution I came up with isn’t ideal, but I think it does the job. The idea is a tile […]