Designing a logo

After my first game release, now I’m ready to take what I’ve learned about the process to better prepare marketing information for the next one. Included in this, is a new logo that I’ll use for both the next game, and for the Quip games as a whole. The deliberate process to come up with […]

Survey of game movement control options

Note: This survey is not comprehensive yet. I may expand on it later as needed for my own game development. It’s current state is sufficient to lead me to a solution for my current needs. As I have been working on my next game, the issue of controls has been of great concern. Usability is […]

Some thoughts on hard science fiction in space

I’m going to use this game as a way to discuss some of my thinkings regarding “hard science fiction” in space games. Starfighter, Inc. Kickstarter First of all, I expect this will be a great game, and I’m looking forward to playing it. So for all I say here, it is not a criticism of […]