Implementing Echo App in Shen

Implementing the echo app described in my previous post poses a few challenges in Shen as it currently is. For example, my intention was that every keystroke would be echoed, but consoles don’t generally provide that level of interaction. So, let’s expand it a little to be a very simple gui application. Echo App -> […]

Convenient “optional” args in functions

Inaccurate title, but… especially when working with persistent data structures, you often want a copy of a structure with one piece of it changed. Instead of creating a new function for each thing, you could create one with the pattern matching. I had a (vector * vector * list symbol) structure with meanings (alias * […]

Visual vs. Linguistic Design and Development

Recently someone shared this talk by Zed Shaw:  It’s Not You, It’s Them: Why Programming Languages Are Hard To Teach Zed references Bret Victor’s post entitled Learnable Programming A brief response to Bret’s post: I find it rather funny that he’s so keen on visuals and yet he’s manipulating visuals with text. In most of the […]