Namespacing for Shen

NOTE: This end result will be documented on the wiki. There is a package macro in Shen. For large scale development, I think we’ll need some additional functionality. My goal is to be able to write the following code in Shen: (.setVisible (value app-frame):JFrame true) Note some challenges here. The first element is from one Java […]

Implementing Tail Recursion Elimination for Shen on Java

I found this link, Proper tail recursion, and it lists of what needs to be handled to find if something is in tail location. That’s for Scheme, so I need to adjust for Shen. If I understand right, finding tail location for TRE/TCO (whatever you like to call it) in a strict applicative order evaluation for everything […]

Total Throughput of Persistent Data Structures vs. Locking

I wonder if anyone has done a study on this. Let’s imagine a 64 core server (8 CPUs with 8 cores each) and think what would happen in the following 2 scenarios: 1) We use persistent data structures (PDS) so each core can go on its merry way without having to worry about about concurrency […]