Indie Games are the Particle Swarm Optimization

I just read this wonderful article: Brain Wave: The PhDs Changing Games and had to write a post about it. First of all, it’s reassuring to hear that others are scrutinizing things at the same level of detail as I do. Second, for the shock to keep you reading, this article is completely incorrectly titled. It should […]

Why I ended up on Unity after all

So, I have this blog post saying I decided on Unreal Engine. Now I get to say I ended up going with Unity after all. Here are some of the reasons: First, from my limited exposure to Unreal, I found the code-compile-test cycle to be frustratingly slow. Because of the nature of the game I’m building, there […]

Choosing a Game Engine

Last year, I posted in this blog last year that we would be building our game from scratch without using a game engine. For the situation I was in, it made sense. But sometimes life happens, and priorities change, and so part of the decision to refocus to Limbo also included the decision to use an existing […]