Physics and Control: Position

One of the fun math challenges we have run into during development is for controlling items in space. I wanted all the items to use real physics modeling to move from place to place. Physical simulation is pretty standard, but control systems are more complex as they don’t just simulate, they have to generate/calculate a […]

Experimental Keyboard Control Design

We are experimenting with a lot of gaming concepts in Quip nebula and one of these concepts is how we deal with keyboard controls. The reason why we are exploring new keyboard controls is to provide solutions to the following problems experienced by gamers using typical shortcut controls. . . Gameplay can be interrupted when […]

Life is Better in Game Development

This post is in response to the question: “Has developing video games made your life better?” I’ve been programming since I was too young to remember how old I was. I’ve been doing it professionally for a long time as well. A lot of that professional development has been in “corporate” settings including all the silly buzz words like […]