Experimental Keyboard Control Design

We are experimenting with a lot of gaming concepts in Quip nebula and one of these concepts is how we deal with keyboard controls.

The reason why we are exploring new keyboard controls is to provide solutions to the following problems experienced by gamers using typical shortcut controls. . .

  • Gameplay can be interrupted when gamers need to look at the keyboard to make sure they hit the right shortcut keys.
  • Accessing shortcut commands can be difficult when playing in the dark or with one hand.
  • Gamers must memorize and practice many shortcut keys to be competitive.

Our Quip Nebula keyboard shortcut system will experiment on the following ideas.

  • Creating a control system that will make the game playable only by one hand on the keyboard.
  • Having the keyboard controls spatially related to the items on the screen.
  • Gamers can also choose to play the game using entirely the mouse or the keyboard or both.
  • A keyboard shortcut system that can be easily accessed even by non-touch typing gamers.

Who would benefit from this new keyboard control setup?

We are optimistic that gamers who are fond of multi-tasking like eating while playing will appreciate the new keyboard shortcut system we are developing. We have a poem that we have painstakingly come up with after hours of pondering and contemplating in pseudo Zen-like meditation that accurately portrays the entire goal of this new system of keyboard controls.

With one hand, I explore the stars,
With the other, I stuff my face,
A yummy taste of burrito heaven.

Yes, with one hand, you can eat your favorite meat-filled tortilla snack and have your other save the entire universe. Anyone caught putting that poem to music will be embarrassed across our social media. So please let us know if you do.

We are aware that our approach to keyboard controls may result in a steeper learning curve for some gamers, but we are confident that this is an experiment worth exploring.

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