Refocusing from Nebula to Limbo

The path to Quip Nebula was already long and curious. I was excited about the background, the setting, the story and the characters. However, I realized that I needed to take another look at my overall approach. As in all human endeavors, when developing a game, focus is critical for success. I needed to add another step before Quip Nebula to climb the staircase.

So, Quip Escape from Limbo has been born. It is related to the story of Quip Nebula in a way that won’t be revealed until the end of Quip Nebula. Mysteries are fun. They’re good for you. So, yes, I still plan on developing Quip Nebula and many games beyond that, but they will have to take their turn. The goals are similar and one expands on the other, so it’s a very natural progression.

Detailed specifications are written, and development has begun. I’ll be posting regularly on our social media channels and regularly on this blog about the development progress.

p.s. The irony of this headline will be with me for weeks.

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